Access our online panel

Our panel in allows us to provide you data and our ability to be able to deal with them will help you understand consumers a cross 130+ countries.

Our database contains nearly half a million professionals and business executives.

Our application is web, no need to log in to answer questions once registered. The respondents of our panel simply receive URL links so they can participate in surveys and accumulate rewards.

How can you target specific respondents
using our online sample?

Target specific locations (regions, cities, districts…)
Target specific household characteristics (eg. number of kids, age of kids,…)
Target consumers of specific FMCG categories (food & non-food)
Target owners of appliances, electronics or vehicles
Target users of specific financial products (including insurance)
Target specific occupations (eg. farmers, IT professionals, shop owners, SMEs…)

The advantages for akora panels


Nationally representative sample cutting across all socio-demographics: age, gender, income, urban / rural,…


Leverage profiling data to target specific groups


Trusted and engaged members providing high-quality answers